im such a huge baby i dont want john to marry mary i dont even fucki9ng care anymore i dont wanti DOTN WANT THIS IS THE WORSDT THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN It breaks my heart so much i don’t want it to happen i’ve been like this since march leave me alone

what the fuck what the actual fuck

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i came back out of fucks to give

hangrahams replied to your post: i haven’t posted a single thing in suc…

dude i fuckin missed u but yeah ita

omg hEY christ i missed a lot of people on here it’s just that this website is so tossic you actually start feeling the colors flow back in you when you leave

i haven’t posted a single thing in such a long time

i am not back

but season 3 is coming and it’s a huge event

and i just wanted to tell everyone who still follows me how much I HATE the idea of mary being there and i’ve been trying not to feel dumb about it and eventually succeeded i am not dumb i am allowed as a fan to feel like it’s not a good decision and to disagree with it and i am so sick of everyone playing like it’s a huge fucking deal that some people don’t want another character coming between sherlock and john especially since it’s my otp and no the fact that i am a big huge shipper doesn’t invalidate my opinion alright it might be biased but i don’t see why the opinion of a fan should be unbiased what are we even talking about here i am so so so sick of everything

and i had to vent!! on a blog! on this blog because i don’t even care anymore i don’t care about being neutral i don’t care about people getting a lil bit offended that i don’t share their opinions i dont care bye

i really must stop disappearing without warning?????????

anyway i won’t be on here much because it’s the last week before……… i have no idea how school works in other countries but here we have two four month periods at the end of which we receive this card with all your grades on it and yeah it’s the last week before that and its kinda stressing because everyones trying to make up for bad grades and tHAT INCLUDES ME 

and i basically have to study everyday like e v e r y d a y

which sucks

also im playing pokemon white in my  free time so yeah pokemon > tumblr

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Mirrors in the street

the desolation of smaug; 2013

harry potter - colours abound


when you walk with Sherlock Holmes, you see the battlefield.